Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's Cook Something Up

It's said that variety is the spice of life . . . I'd love it if my hoards of blog readers would send me some healthy recipes to spice up my life. Based on the number of readers I anticipate that I have, I am not expecting to fill up my space limit on blogspot with all the replies, but maybe I'll get enough yummy recipes to alleviate my culinary boredom.
P.S. I should add that I would like to be able to pronounce all ingredients and must be able to buy all ingredients at Wal-Mart. :o)


Tonia Hobbs said...

Hey! Do you guys like shrimp? I have a great recipe at the house and I will send it later! At least you will have two comments then! Dont ya' love comments! Me too. I am not exactly over-run with them either!!

Shelly said...

I write for a blog network under the "food" category entitled Earthly Eating
( you find a moment or two you should pop on over.

Valerie said...

I am a big fan of eating helathy in the morning and also during snack time (as well as the other meals, but with these two I struggle) I have some good healthy muffin recipes that my kids and husband love. I will email you them

Julie said...

I so need some variety in this area too. :)