Thursday, February 26, 2009

11 Down, One to Go

Until the big 1st Birthday celebration!
Can't believe my baby girl is 11 months old!

Camryn wants to know who set her food on fire! Why would someone do that to a perfectly good cupcake?

Whew! The cupcake was safe to eat, after all!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Can See Forever

This evening we drove to Mt. Magazine to experience the sunset and to walk on the summit trail (plan abandoned due to high wind and not enough layers!)
We did, however, find enough kid clothes in the "back-up for when someone vomits or pees on themselves" bag and a random towel to brave the wind long enough for a few pictures and a spectacular sunset.

The kids eagerly running down the overlook path behind Nick -- notice Brandon wrapped up in a towel!

The picture Abi took of us -- she's becoming a decent photographer. :o)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost One!

As Camryn's 1st Birthday quickly approaches, I can't help but reflect on where we were only a short year ago.
At 36 weeks pregnant, I was so anxiously awaiting my opportunity to hold my precious daughter in my arms. At the same time, I love being pregnant, and I was soaking in every kick she kicked and every wiggle she wiggled, knowing that I might not experience that again.
I was trying to prepare the older kids for how life would change once Camryn was born: Mom would no longer have one hand for each of them crossing parking lots and one leg for each of them to sit on during story times and they would be lined up like gangsters in the booking room while riding in the car -- there would certainly be adjustments in the daily logistics.
We were crazily trying to finish the upstairs renovations for Abi's room and bathroom -- still minor details to finish a year later. :o)
I was planning Abi's 4th birthday party in advance, knowing that I wouldn't be frequenting the party store much with a one-week old.
I was trying to decide when the best time would be to get my ritualistic pre-baby pedicure -- didn't want to get it too early and have chipped toenails but didn't want to wait too long and have "ugly toes-in-stirrup syndrome" either!

The Belly Cast at 36 weeks.

The deep, deep belly button at week 37.

Easter Sunday, only 3 days before Cam's arrival!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Day

It's only naptime, and we've already had a day full of funnies (and a few saddies):

* I didn't have the heart to be too stern when Brandon came skidding in the kitchen, literally, saying, "Look at me, Mommie!" I did look at him and saw him in my glasses -- with one of the legs on his head like it should be and one of the legs sticking straight out from his head in a way that let me know I'd never wear those frames again! Oh, well, I've had them as my back-up pair of glasses since grad school. I've been contemplating getting a new pair with an updated prescription anyway.

* Abi and Brandon were hiding, and Camryn and I were looking for them. We found Brandon in the foyer coat closet, and I asked him if Abi was in there with him. He said, "Nope." So, I continued to look for her elsewhere. When she thought I was long gone, she runs out of the closet, playing the game like her Daddy does, constantly moving to places we've already looked! :o) Sneaky little team!

* I have found a new smell on my list of favorites: cheap kid makeup. Abi loves to put make-up on me from her makeup kit, and I know I will forever associate that smell with her in this "princess stage."

* I loved watching Brandon putting together jigsaw-type puzzles today -- on his bed so Camryn couldn't reach his pieces and "swobber on dem."

* All three kiddos were holed up in Brandon's room playing, and when I opened the door quietly to check on everyone, I saw Abi sitting in a chair, holding Camryn in her lap, gently rocking her back and forth and talking quietly to her! Melt!

* Brandon gets a mint from the basket on the front counter at the gym every morning. This morning he took two -- one for himself and one for Abi. So sweet!

* Having been up and down throughout the night administering cough suppressants to allergy-laden kids, I decided I'd try to nap for a short while. Ha! That's always a frustrating scenario, and today was no different. I think they pre-arrange a rotation of who will need to pee, drink, be too hot or cold, be missing a "lovie," or wake up so that there is never more than 10 minutes between the events -- not even enough for a power nap!

* Camryn has become very confident with pushing walking toys and walking behind them. She has been in a flat-out race today, speeding through the house.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What a joyful child she is!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pucker Up!

Brandon was in Abi's room for awhile this morning and came downstairs sporting lipstick -- or so I thought. I would've loved to have seen my face as the realization washed over me that the only thing Abi has that color is NAIL POLISH! Brandon had painted his lips! Thank goodness that's all he painted!
Too flustered to get a picture! :o)

Be Very Afraid, Pins!

Because the Costons have arrived!
We bowled a perfect game ... with all of our scores combined. The kids loved bowling yesterday, and I love that they have bumpers that go up for the kids and down for the adults -- makes it much more fun for grown-ups.

Abi's hopefully watching her ball slowly roll down the lane.

Now, there's some pro-form! Ha!

I think the ball outweighs B!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a Difference 10 Years Makes

The last time Nick and I went ice skating at the Jones Center, it was 1999 and we were juniors in college -- not married yet, no kids -- what a difference 10 years makes!
Yesterday, we took the trio to go ice skating and swimming in their fun kid pool.
We managed to get the ice skating boots on Brandon's feet, but promptly had to "TAKE THEM OFF!" He's the kid who takes 10 minutes every morning to get his socks perfectly straight before putting his shoes on!
Abi loved ice skating and, according to her own judging, was "good, even better than those big girls." We saw a whole lot of her fingertips hanging onto the rail around the outside of the rink! :o) She had a great time!
The pool was a great time for everyone! Nick and I even had fun on the big waterslide. Camryn enjoyed splashing and running under the mushroom fountain.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mud Monsters

What a beautiful day today! We spent the afternoon rediscovering the outdoors ... riding bikes, swinging on the tire swing, climbing on playsets, digging in the sandbox, and playing in the mud. Abi and Brandon made a mud pit out of the potting soil I discarded when re-potting my plants this afternoon. They were growling and slinging mud and loudly proclaiming that they were "Mud Monsters!" Camryn discovered the icky feeling of sand on her tongue (we'll be having a gritty diaper tomorrow, I believe!)

I guess Camryn has been watching and learning where her snacks are kept. Tonight, we inadvertently left the door open to the pantry, and it only took her a few minutes to find her way to the baby food stash. She was attempting to get to her snacks when we found her.

I am glad that my kids know how important that they are to me, that they are the center of the universe to me, as illustrated by a conversation we had as I was preparing dinner tonight. We were talking about the fact that two of my friends are expecting, and I said how glad I was that I had kids, too, and how neat it is to be a mommy. Abi said, "Well, all girls are mommies" like What's the big deal?! I told her that not all girls get to or want to be mommies when they're grown up. BOTH Abi and Brandon said in almost the same words at the same time, "But you would be sad! You wouldn't have anyone to play with!" Love it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 3-year anniversary of the "Most Redneck Move Ever!"
Three years ago today, we moved from Neosho, MO, to Greenwood. So much has happened in that time, and we've been so blessed to make wonderful friends here and are glad to call Greenwood 'home.'
I just cringe to think of how many more livestock trailers and flatbed trailers it would take to move all of our stuff now!!