Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost One!

As Camryn's 1st Birthday quickly approaches, I can't help but reflect on where we were only a short year ago.
At 36 weeks pregnant, I was so anxiously awaiting my opportunity to hold my precious daughter in my arms. At the same time, I love being pregnant, and I was soaking in every kick she kicked and every wiggle she wiggled, knowing that I might not experience that again.
I was trying to prepare the older kids for how life would change once Camryn was born: Mom would no longer have one hand for each of them crossing parking lots and one leg for each of them to sit on during story times and they would be lined up like gangsters in the booking room while riding in the car -- there would certainly be adjustments in the daily logistics.
We were crazily trying to finish the upstairs renovations for Abi's room and bathroom -- still minor details to finish a year later. :o)
I was planning Abi's 4th birthday party in advance, knowing that I wouldn't be frequenting the party store much with a one-week old.
I was trying to decide when the best time would be to get my ritualistic pre-baby pedicure -- didn't want to get it too early and have chipped toenails but didn't want to wait too long and have "ugly toes-in-stirrup syndrome" either!

The Belly Cast at 36 weeks.

The deep, deep belly button at week 37.

Easter Sunday, only 3 days before Cam's arrival!


Sherry said...

How precious, thanks for sharing with us!

Julie said...

So sweet!!