Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mud Monsters

What a beautiful day today! We spent the afternoon rediscovering the outdoors ... riding bikes, swinging on the tire swing, climbing on playsets, digging in the sandbox, and playing in the mud. Abi and Brandon made a mud pit out of the potting soil I discarded when re-potting my plants this afternoon. They were growling and slinging mud and loudly proclaiming that they were "Mud Monsters!" Camryn discovered the icky feeling of sand on her tongue (we'll be having a gritty diaper tomorrow, I believe!)

I guess Camryn has been watching and learning where her snacks are kept. Tonight, we inadvertently left the door open to the pantry, and it only took her a few minutes to find her way to the baby food stash. She was attempting to get to her snacks when we found her.

I am glad that my kids know how important that they are to me, that they are the center of the universe to me, as illustrated by a conversation we had as I was preparing dinner tonight. We were talking about the fact that two of my friends are expecting, and I said how glad I was that I had kids, too, and how neat it is to be a mommy. Abi said, "Well, all girls are mommies" like What's the big deal?! I told her that not all girls get to or want to be mommies when they're grown up. BOTH Abi and Brandon said in almost the same words at the same time, "But you would be sad! You wouldn't have anyone to play with!" Love it!


Matt said...

They would never believe that you had a life before they came along!!!

BeckyAnnAmes said...

that is so sweet!

Julie said...

So precious! And true. :) I know that sometimes I feel like I don't have anyone to "play" with now that JB is off to school. :)