Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Day

It's only naptime, and we've already had a day full of funnies (and a few saddies):

* I didn't have the heart to be too stern when Brandon came skidding in the kitchen, literally, saying, "Look at me, Mommie!" I did look at him and saw him in my glasses -- with one of the legs on his head like it should be and one of the legs sticking straight out from his head in a way that let me know I'd never wear those frames again! Oh, well, I've had them as my back-up pair of glasses since grad school. I've been contemplating getting a new pair with an updated prescription anyway.

* Abi and Brandon were hiding, and Camryn and I were looking for them. We found Brandon in the foyer coat closet, and I asked him if Abi was in there with him. He said, "Nope." So, I continued to look for her elsewhere. When she thought I was long gone, she runs out of the closet, playing the game like her Daddy does, constantly moving to places we've already looked! :o) Sneaky little team!

* I have found a new smell on my list of favorites: cheap kid makeup. Abi loves to put make-up on me from her makeup kit, and I know I will forever associate that smell with her in this "princess stage."

* I loved watching Brandon putting together jigsaw-type puzzles today -- on his bed so Camryn couldn't reach his pieces and "swobber on dem."

* All three kiddos were holed up in Brandon's room playing, and when I opened the door quietly to check on everyone, I saw Abi sitting in a chair, holding Camryn in her lap, gently rocking her back and forth and talking quietly to her! Melt!

* Brandon gets a mint from the basket on the front counter at the gym every morning. This morning he took two -- one for himself and one for Abi. So sweet!

* Having been up and down throughout the night administering cough suppressants to allergy-laden kids, I decided I'd try to nap for a short while. Ha! That's always a frustrating scenario, and today was no different. I think they pre-arrange a rotation of who will need to pee, drink, be too hot or cold, be missing a "lovie," or wake up so that there is never more than 10 minutes between the events -- not even enough for a power nap!

* Camryn has become very confident with pushing walking toys and walking behind them. She has been in a flat-out race today, speeding through the house.


Matt said...

That sounds like a fantastic day! I'm so glad they have found a workable sense of co-existence (and even enjoyment) with one another!

Mischelle Coston said...

Well, after rest time was a different existence! :o) But, we enjoy it when it happens!