Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Can See Forever

This evening we drove to Mt. Magazine to experience the sunset and to walk on the summit trail (plan abandoned due to high wind and not enough layers!)
We did, however, find enough kid clothes in the "back-up for when someone vomits or pees on themselves" bag and a random towel to brave the wind long enough for a few pictures and a spectacular sunset.

The kids eagerly running down the overlook path behind Nick -- notice Brandon wrapped up in a towel!

The picture Abi took of us -- she's becoming a decent photographer. :o)


Matt said...

How much fun is that?!?! Send more pictures!

Reba said...

Pictures are beautiful. I really want to go; I have heard it is gorgeous there. Sounds like a fun day!

Julie said...

I love Mt. Magazine! Glad you guys had a fun time. :)