Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Cry Over Dried-Up Milk

Well, this morning I tried one more time to convince my littlest princess that nursing, snuggled up close to Mommy and staring deep into my loving eyes, was better than that dumb ole' hard, plastic bottle.
She wasn't having even one slurp of it. So, I guess I shouldn't be crying over dried-up "milkies," but I AM! Darn it! I am NOT ready to be done with breast-feeding my baby! She has been showing less and less interest in lying still long enough to nurse, so we've been dropping one nursing at a time ... me knowing all along just how this would end, my heart breaking each time we passed a feeding time on by. I've been holding onto the morning and evening nursings, because those are the times she's most relaxed and snuggly and willing to focus. But she's even been becoming more restless at those times in the past few weeks.
So, yesterday morning, I steeled myself to soak it up one more time, and that we'd be done. I got the "big kids" engaged in something else and settled into the couch, boppy-laden and weepy, ready to snuggle and nourish her one last time ... and then she poked her finger up my nose and in my eye and up my nose and into my mouth and slapped at my face and pinched the tendons on my neck and pulled at my hair ... and was done in the amount of time it took you to read how she abused her poor, heart-broken mom!
So, I vetoed my former plan to "be done after this nursing." For those of you who lived through the weaning of Abi and Brandon, you know that I didn't stick to that plan either of those times. I would say, "This is it." And the next night Nick would say, "I thought last night was the last time." And the next night after that, Nick would say, "I thought last night was it."
So, we tried again this morning and had even less success than yesterday morning. So, here I sit, crying over dried-up "milkies." Sigh.


Sherry said...

Ahhh, so sorry! It is hard but I always seemed to feel a little relieved a few days later. It is a little bit of freedom but an era gone!

Erin said...

I SO remember. I said both times that I wanted a "special" memory of the last time, and with both, I can't even remember. They just turned me down until I finally gave up!

Fryar Family said...

The only thing you Mom can say is, "I LOVE YOU, Mischelle My Belle" and "That I still remember both you and your brother and so will you, but you will be ok - just sad". Then, it will be easier to handle going places and doing things... Love you Babygirl!