Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even If You're Naughty

Throughout the day, I couldn't help but reflect on the hope and joy promised by the events of Easter day so long ago. Despite torrential downpours in the early hours this morning, I imagined what a different experience Mary had on that first and powerfully sunny Easter morning, finding the grave empty and Jesus alive.

Today being Easter made me even more keenly aware of the meaning of Jesus' sacrifice than I am some days, as did the fact that today marks the 3-year anniversary of Ray's death. While we miss him terribly and I am sometimes angry that there are so many things we no longer share with him and some things we will never share with him, I am also thankful for the gift of hope that usurps death and that we know we will someday spend eternity with God and with those we loved here on Earth.

I love Abi's explanation, plain and simple with such child-like faith: "Jesus had to die so that we can live with God forever and ever, no matter how naughty we are. If you love God and believe that Jesus died and came back to life, you get to live in Heaven, even if you're naughty, like if you (fill in most recent episode of fit-throwing, toy-snatching, back-talking, or hair-pulling)."

Abi says she looks forward to seeing Papa Ray in heaven someday, when she's "very old," and so do I.