Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning, I took the first step in relinquishing my heart. It is going to live somewhere else. For the record, you all are free to donate my organs when I die, but I'm not ready to give my heart away just yet. However, I am told that I must.

I must send that precious little baby girl of mine into the world. And this morning I signed the papers to do just that.
Abi is registered for Kindergarten.

Although it took everything I had to give that folder of papers over to the lady doing registrations, Abi quickly consoled me with her enthusiasm. She said, "Okay. Now we can go visit every classroom!"
She is definitely ready. I'm not sure I am. *Sigh*


Matt said...

She'll do great (and so will you)!

Erin said...

I was in then nurse's office today, guess I missed you. I talked to Suzanne today and she is going to ask you to be a PTO kindergarten coordinator. It is a great way to get involved with not a whole lot of commitment. I hit Katie up today too when I saw her come through. You guys would make a great team!!

Matt said...

Ha - my sister in the PTO! You're getting OLD!!!

Julie said...

That was a hard day for me too. You'll make it through! You can come cry to me anytime. ;0)

Fryar Family said...

I still vividly remember that first day when my heart walked outside of my body. I love you, Mischelle My Belle

Valerie said...

The day I signed her up was exciting for me, it was the day I actually walked away from the classroom without my baby that did me in.