Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, Boy!

I read a quote off of a mint wrapper at Chick-fil-a today that really struck a chord with me:
"It is better to build boys than to mend men."
Wow! Raising Brandon seems like such an insurmountable task at times because boys / men are so foreign! I can know and understand what Abi is thinking at any given time, and her responses are so predictable to me -- because it's the female way.
I am glad I know some moms of boys who are blazing the way ahead of me in fine fashion -- and the Creator of my little boy who will guide our way!


Tonia Hobbs said...

You'll do great! You already are!

Sherry said...

Hey Mischelle,
Raising a Modern Day Knight is a Must read for you and Dr. Nick. We love it and have already implemented some of the ideas in our oldest. It is amazing! Author is Robert Lewis (pastor at Fellowship Bible in LR-and part of Focus on the Family)