Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Comedians

We've had a wonderful morning just puttering around the house in our PJ's, doing crafts, starting a few homemade Christmas gifts, cooking a big pot of veggie beef soup and being comedians. I don't think they generally intend to be funny, but they are!

Abi decided that she wanted cereal and milk for breakfast - seems like a normal request - except that she wanted chocolate milk on her cereal! Funny!

Brandon is making tunnels by biting a chunk out of his apple wedges, and Abi is driving her "truck finger" under the tunnel bridge. Who thought apple wedges could be so fun!

And then there Camryn who has a bad case of "too much tush!" She has more tushie than her little arms can hold up, I think. :o) I feel the same way when I do push-ups!


Matt said...

So - how did she end up liking her chocolate-milk cereal?

Dr. Nick said...

Loved it!