Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holly Jollies

We decided to try to beat some of the chaos of the Christmas season and put our tree up before Thanksgiving this year (I can hear the gasps from my mother and brother!)

Nick's mom and grandfather came to visit this weekend, so we thought it might be a fun time with them, too. Meemaw Sandy brought the kids adorable matching Christmas pajamas to wear while trimming the tree, wrapping packages, and watching Christmas movies.

Nick and I have been talking about different things we want to be "our" traditions for various occasions and holidays. There are things we each did in our families growing up that we certainly want to carry over into "our" family's traditions. But we also want to incorporate some unique things. One thing I decided to try this year is "Christmas Camping." I absolutely love sitting in a dark room, lit only by a glowing Christmas tree. There is something so peaceful and mesmerizing about that to me. I love sleeping by the light of the Christmas tree, too. So, I thought what a great thing to fall asleep with the kids under a newly decorated tree each year, after a day full of tree decorating, cookie baking, present wrapping, and Rudolph movie watching!

I heard some of the sweetest giggling from Brandon last night, lying on his pallet by the tree -- a full 15 minutes of it before I decided that he wasn't going to be able to turn the giggles off and actually go to sleep . . . Abi, on the other hand, was out cold in a matter of minutes and loved waking up next to the tree. Definitely an idea worth trying again next year with an older Brandon (and an inflatable mattress for me).

A few pictures from the beginning of our Christmas season . . .

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Shannon said...

Oh........I love the Christmas camping idea! May have to try that. Although at this rate, my tree may be up by Easter. ;)

Sherry said...

How adorable... you got some great shots and I love the pj's. The choking baby Camryn pix made me lol only because I've been there!

Matt said...

I guess I can't give you a hard time this year for putting your tree up before Thanksgiving... But next year, when I'm not facing finals and don't put my tree up until the proper time, you're gonna get it if you pull this again! :o)

Tonia Hobbs said...

So cute! Great camping idea! I like to think of myself as a big "tradition" family. But I have to confess I struggle with trying to think of different memorable things. . . I hope you dont mind copy-cats! I appreciate great ideas! Especially ones that involve sleep!!!