Monday, November 10, 2008

Ahh, a Perfect Day!

Even though the blah of winter time soon grows weary, I love the first wintry day. Today, fits that bill. Rainy, overcast, mid-forties . . . the perfect occasion to crack out my favorite sweatshirt and furry house shoes and light a fire in the fireplace! And I might have to pull out the jacket for indoors, too, because my favorite sweatshirt is now threadbare and stretched-out enough to fit over a 9-month pregnant belly. :o) But, it's still my favorite and has just now reached the ten-year mark. It has another winter or two in it, for sure!

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Matt said...

I, too, love winter, Sis! And today, despite dragging from getting up early this weekend and dreading classes, has been a good day simply because of the cold, rainy weather!