Monday, November 17, 2008


One of the favorite activities in our house right now . . . and a complete annoyance to me! Brandon is unable to complete them by himself yet, so I have to point to each dot, showing him where to draw his line to. And, even though Abi can look at the dots and the rest of the picture and tell us what the dots will make, she insists on doing them anyway.

As I stood hunched over Brandon, working on a *precious* little connect-the-dot puppy with him, I was thinking "Isn't there a more direct way to get this darn dog finished?!" It was like God instantly gave me two black eyes when his Truth hit me right in the face (to borrow the brilliant illustration of S.W.)
One of the truths God has been patiently teaching me for, oh, about a decade now is that His plan is far better than my plan. My plans would generally take the shortest route from A to B, which we all know, of course, is a straight line. Now, how exciting would the connect-the-dots picture of my life be if I were in charge? :o)
God, on the other hand, takes us from one adventure to another, down often indirect paths that make a far more interesting picture when all of the dots are connected. And, like Abi and Brandon, I need to enjoy the journey from one dot to the next.


Sherry said...

Beautifully stated, thanks for sharing!

Talked to Brenda, BTW. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

so true.

Valerie said...

so very true. often the things we think will cause us the most stress are often what helps us open our eyes and see how good life truly is. They also keep us Dependant on our Father!