Friday, October 24, 2008

There's Hope

This morning, Abi got a piece of mail from one of her friends -- so sweet to see her little face light up when I pulled it out of the box! Of course, what one has, the other covets. So, Brandon has meltdown and tears because he doesn't get "mailee." I'm not one of those moms who tries to make everything even and "fair" because -- BRACE YOURSELF, Mom, here it comes -- "Life isn't fair!" (Yes, I just quoted my mother! It has come down to this!) and because I'd drive myself crazy trying to make everyone happy.
So, we came in and had a snack, and Abi asked for a piece of paper and an envelope. I assumed that she was sending mail back to her friend, Lindsey. I asked her if she needed to know how to spell anyone's name before I went to get in the shower, thinking, again, that she was making mail for her friend. She said, "no." After I get out of the shower, she drags a grinning Brandon into the bathroom, and he's holding an envelope with pictures all over the outside. Abi proudly announces that she doesn't want her brother to feel sad, so she made him some mail . . . . now, enter the sappy music and the siblings running across a flowery field, arms outstretched toward one another . . . . okay, so I don't hope that all sibling rivalry and beatings will stop, but there is hope!


Sharon said...

So sorry! :( I didn't even think about that! Courtney loves getting mail too, but since Lindsey was the one that thought of it, we just did it and put it in the mail box. Next time we'll do better and send TWO letters! :)

Sherry said...

We have the same issues...especially when they get a birthday postcard from Geoffrey (TRU). So sweet that she was so thoughtful...I love that...makes me think I'm doing something right??