Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Lately, my kiddos have been known as anyone but themselves . . . a policeman, a "naughty" crocodile, a bride princess, a fairy princess (yes, there are many different classes of princesses), an Indian, a baby . . . and sometimes just the demons that seem to have invaded their bodies!

Dress-up is the big thing in our house right now, which is wonderful, creative play, and Hey! it gives them one more thing to argue over! One would expect them to fight over who gets to wear the bridal veil and pink plastic heels, right?

Thank you, Mrs. Debbie and the Grandmas, for all of the dress-up clothes lately! So much fun!

Just a few pictures of the dueling a.k.a.'s:

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Sharon said...

I love the princess aligator that B chose! Very nice!