Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ongoing Projects -- Still in Pieces

Today, I have devoted a little time to a couple of the projects I'm working on . . . I stress a couple. I did not paint ceilings, scoop mulch, work on yearly calendars for the kids, paint the master bedroom, deep clean the house, paint baseboards and trim, or Christmas shop, which are a few of the other things on my big project to do list. I try not to think about the things I'm not doing, but I find myself bouncing back and forth from project to project, unable to concentrate on one without thinking about something to do with the other one . . . do you think I'm ADD? No, just 2/3 childless for the day and unable to slow my brain down, even though there aren't 87 things to think about each second, like normal. :o)

I bought frames and ribbon for the rod-hung pictures (will pick up the matching rod at Linens-n-Things when they send another 20% off coupon). I also bought some frames to frame brightly-colored scrapbook paper in for Abi's bathroom upstairs. I haven't been able to find any art in the colors of her bathroom that isn't super cheesy. So, I made some. I finished the little flower pot for the bathroom, too. I also bought the mirror to go over her vanity and finished installing the light covers. I started to hang the mirror and then wondered about the electrical wires leading up to the light. That's all I need to put a damper on the day. :o)

I laid out some of the photos for the collage frames I got a while back. However, I realized that I don't have a frame for an additional 11x14" picture I'd like to hang with those two collages (thus, the place holder in the picture to show where the extra photo will go). Now, the big part for me is to decide where to put these things in my living room -- I have such anxiety about this part! I think I'll recruit some of my "artsy" friends' assistance.

Ah, the feeling of creativity!

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Tonia Hobbs said...

Very Very cute! I love your pics of the kids! I bet I know who took those!

Sherry said...

How fun! I love new decorating projects! BTW, you can google LNT coupon and get a printable 20% coupon that's good all year!