Monday, October 20, 2008

Owl Pellets

Cleaning out my washing machine after washing a load of the kids' clothes is a lot like dissecting an owl pellet . . . you know exactly what the kids have been up to by the left-overs in the washer.
This is a picture of the specimen today: acorns, small pine cones, the plastic size rings off of department store hangers, a rubber band, leaves and rocks.

Nick and Grandpa have gone camping and deer hunting for a week, so the kiddos and I went to spend the weekend with Grandma. As usual, we had lots of adventures. On Saturday, we visited with Auntie Sherial at the day use area at Crystal Springs, where we collected a lot of sand and a few treasured rocks. Camryn loved, loved, loved the sand! She dug in it and "cooed!" Saturday afternoon, we made a trip into Hot Springs, where we shopped a little and had dinner with Grandma.
We spent the day Sunday at the campground where Grandpa and Nick are camping. The kids put together an impressive collection of acorns, rocks, leaves, and pine cones. Thank goodness they had Grandpa crack open the black walnuts and hickory nuts to eat or I probably would've had one of those clunking around in the washer, too. They enjoyed riding their bikes, going on a nature walk, playing on the playground, and even roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on a fire that Grandma built!
What a fun weekend!


Matt said...

The "owl pellets" analogy is really funny... Maybe you should start checking pockets before putting the clothes in the washer?

Erin said...

Thankfully there wasn't anything too destructive in your wash! I "found" a pack of Big Red in the dryer, attatched to almost every single piece of clothing the other day! Evan loves his gum!