Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch '08

We made a trip to a local nursery's "pumpkin patch" today!

I promised the kiddos that they could pick out a pumpkin if they'd only smile a few times for pictures . . . everyone smiled, just not at the same time.

Brandon, the man hunter, fell in love with the first pumpkin he came across. Abi, on the other hand, needed half the morning to find just the right one. Brandon was most delighted that he got to carry his pumpkin around in the pumpkin wagon! All was great until we tried to separate the little man from his beloved pumpkin for the car ride home. After much yelling and a few tears, Daddy caved and let him keep it ... Big Softy! :o) After a post-pumpkin trip to the park for a train ride, the three tired little pumpkins enjoyed a loooong afternoon nap!

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Pitchoune said...

We missed you out there! We too were at the nursery this morning! Love the pictures, they look so cute with all those pumpkins!

Sherry said...

So cute! We're going to Wild Things Farm for a party tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some cute pix. Did you make their shirts? Adorable!