Friday, October 3, 2008

Perfectly Imperfect

From the little cafe au lait spot on Abi's forehead to Brandon's inability to put the first letter sound on most words to the single long hair on Camryn's head that makes her look like a character from a Dr. Seuss book, I absolutely love the unique things about my kids . . . those things are what make them perfectly imperfect!

I love that Abi hums when she's concentrating. I love that Brandon can make a mess from nothing. I love that Camryn is so interested in her surroundings she can barely take the time to nurse. I love that Abi draws backward letters sometimes. I love that the top of Brandon's ear folds over on one side. I love that Camryn has hair on her booty crack. I love that my kids are uniquely made!

I am so critical of myself sometimes about my own imperfections -- God reminds me through my children that those "imperfections" are what make me unique and to be accepting -- even grateful for those strokes of creativity from God's own hand.

A few pictures of imperfection . . .


Tonia Hobbs said...

So sweet, Sometimes I have to remind myself, Look on the Inside. Inside. Inside. Not the Outside. Outside. Outside!!
Love, Tonia

Sharon said...

Look at that handstand!!! Way to go Abs!!! Lindsey is SO sad to miss gymnastics on Monday! :(