Saturday, September 6, 2008

These are the "Good Ol' Days!"

Nick and I sometimes sit around, like two old people in the front porch swing, and reminisce about the "good ol' days"... passing notes in class in high school, long walks and though-provoking conversations during our first years of marriage, studying together (well, I studied while Nick played video games) in college, living on next-to-nothing in graduate and vet school, and long Sunday afternoon naps.
I can't help but know that, while those times were fun, we're living in the genuine "good ol' days" right now! When else will I get to
  • dye eggs in September
  • watch a baby learn to sit up
  • be given a cake made of sand, rocks and shrub blooms, topped off with a used lollipop stick for a candle
  • have a picnic lunch
  • fold little 'Bob the Builder' underwear
  • watch T-ball in my front yard
  • feed a baby from my body
  • be treated to a "gymnastics show" in my living room
  • help design a crack-proof "house" for a hard-boiled egg named Emily
  • snuggle with three kids with morning breath and
  • make zucchini bread with squash grown in our own garden ALL IN ONE DAY!!
While there are days I would give nearly anything to finish a complete thought, have a phone conversation without having to lock someone out of the house, take a nap, or go shopping by myself, I know that nothing can compare to being the mom and wife to this wonderful family. I am constantly amazed by the experiences of being a mom and often find myself praying, "God, please cement this image or sound into my memory forever!" However, I know those memories will fade, as I now often look at pictures and see details in them that I'd forgotten already. So, thus I'm lead to join the herd of bloggers. I can't keep up with scrapbooking on a daily (or even annual basis lately), so I'm going to attempt blogging that I can do in short spurts and not have to clean up a table full of supplies and scraps when I'm interrupted. I only hope I can do some justice to my family's life and help preserve some of our most treasured memories.


Sharon said...

Welcome! What a great first post! I love it!

Pitchoune said...

Yeahhhh...a new blogger!!! Mark and I will enjoy following your daily life :-)

Erin said...

I'm so excited to have another blog to follow! Love it!