Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Binky Battles

Camryn is such a delightful baby who is so inclined to just go with the flow. I have never met a more laid back and joyful baby, so, it's for that reason, I hate to complain about the one vice she has: the dreaded BINKY!
She only wants it when it's time to sleep, and for this I'm thankful. However, no sleeping happens -- EVER -- without the "binkster!"

So, I find myself staggering, literally, from our room to Camryn's crib each night at promptly 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. to "re-binky" her. This isn't terrible, since she's generally not nursing during the night now. However, there are a few nights, like last night, that she needs a "re-binkying" upward of 5 or 6 times. Those are the tough nights that I want to incinerate the binky. So, I stand at the edge of commitment. If I decide to do away with her nasty little habit, I know it means hours, and more likely days, of misery, with no promise of success. Any advice, moms?
Here's that joyful little "Missy Cami."


julieamberjones said...

Jenna Beth was a binky girl too. She wanted it at bedtime and I just let her have it. Eventually she got to where she could put it in herself. :) I have no advice because she was the most high maintenance baby ever (compared to stories I hear). Plus, she was my first and you know how that goes...good luck!!

Sherry said...

She is absolutely beautiful. We love our binkys until they turn 2 then a mysterious hole appears in the end and they have to be thrown away. Thankfully, Dace can put his back in...I want to say he was around 8 months or so when he started doing that. As far as the middle of the night stuff, I started turning off the monitor at about 10 months and I'm sleeping much better now. :0) If he grunts and groans, I never hear it and evidently he gets himself back to sleep. Good Luck!

Pitchoune said...

Ok, now we got the same problem here, I get up three to four times on good nights to find that binky. I promise myself we would get rid of it after our trip to France for Christmas...but will I be brave enough? :-) if you find a miracle way to get rid of it, please, please share with me :-)