Saturday, September 13, 2008

He Might Be a Keeper

Nick said to me tonight, "Why don't you go shopping or something for awhile? You could even go check into the Best Western and take a nap. Just tell them you're a refugee -- maybe you'll get a discount!" I thought he was just being funny -- what an absurd thought -- me going shopping by myself, not claiming to be a refugee (there's always a hurricane in my house, so that part would be mostly true!)

You know it's time for a little break when "relaxing" on the exam table at the OB/gyn's office or in the dentist's chair, getting your eyebrows waxed, or going shopping in a hurricane begin to sound like mini-vacations.

So, off I went! By myself! I even heard the lyrics to a few new songs on the car radio tonight!

I spent some serious shopping time in TJMaxx and found a few things. My more fashionable friends would be impressed with my selections, I believe! I browsed through Hobby Lobby, letting a few creative juices begin to flow and then enjoyed a cheap fountain drink at Sam's while I did a little grocery shopping -- without having to stop at every little sample table.

Great night! Thanks, Honey!

By the way, check out the super-duper umbrella I had to use during the Ike-force winds and rain while shopping . . . me, always prepared, huh!


Anonymous said...

so glad you got some time away! the umbrella! HAHA!

Sharon said...

What an awesome hubby!!! I bragged on him (after seeing his facebook status) in front of Ryan! We'll see if it worked! Ha!