Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sowand it owt

Abi came up to me as I was getting out of the shower Friday morning and said, "There - I did it!" with much satisfaction. I asked her what she did, and she said that she'd "sowanded it owt!" -- again, with much satisfaction. Knowing that she's been spelling simple two- and three-letter words like bat, cat, he, me for awhile, I assumed it was one she already knew. She said "W-A-Y-R-E-D". My mind is racing, trying to figure this one out. So, I asked her to use it in a sentence. She said, "I weared (pronounced: way-er-ed) the bow in my hair." I was so proud of her effort that I overlooked the poor grammar. :o) All I can say about the pronunciation is, "Welcome to the South!"

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cori said...

You tell little Ms. Thing that her Aunt Cori is SO proud of her! I still don't know how she got way out of wae.. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE! I bought the two older kiddos a book from the book fair this week. I made sure neither one of them is TOO long :o) They should be in the mail sometime this week! LOVE YOU ALL!