Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Times

Lots of stuff going on in life right now!

The clinic construction is over 70% complete, and last Wednesday, we got the color board for the interior colors we chose. Some of these things might be going in place by the time we get back from China! The siding and drywall are starting today!Abi lost her first tooth Friday morning while I was brushing her teeth. The tooth fairy didn't come until Sunday night, though, because we were out very late Friday night getting to know a family from southwest Missouri who we'll be traveling with to China next week (Did I just type "next week"?!) Then, Saturday night, I won mom-of-the-year award and fell asleep before putting on my fairy skirt, but I did play tooth fairy on Sunday night and paid up big since it was her first tooth and because I'm such a lame fairy apparently!Abi's little tooth pillow that she's been waiting a very long time to use!

After letting the little ones sleep in a little on Saturday morning, we headed to Petit Jean State Park. We did the long hike down to the waterfall, which was just about too much for little legs to finish. But, they've said over and over since then that it was worth it. We climbed all around, over, and through the Bear Cave rocks after our hike. The kids miraculously found more energy after the hike when they saw those rocks!These silly faces show just how tired they were by this point.
Our closet floor has become a minefield, covered with half-filled suitcases. I can't believe we're to the point that I'm finalizing shopping and packing lists, charging camera batteries, and stocking the pantry up for Grandma and the kids while we're gone. I am very excited about the trip, but obviously a bit anxious, as well. I just can't wait to meet Dex! I know the kids will be in good hands here at home, and statistics say that flying in an airplane is safer than driving a car. And, although communist, China is generally a safe tourist location for Americans. However .... lots of "howevers" in my head!

We are so thankful to have all of these crazy opportunities that have converged all at once ... building the clinic, adopting Dex, enjoying the chaos of the other three kids and all the things they bring to the calendar, my job, our church commitments ... just a lot to juggle at times. We are thankful for the prayers and support of our friends, family, and church family!

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