Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Dex is now officially a Coston! His adoption was finalized today! He was so excited that he continued his afternoon nap right through it!
Lots of milestones today:
* First poop in the tub
* First time to sit in a highchair -- we learned the word "sit" tonight!
* First fit during a meal -- think highchair!
* Said "cat" after me when we were reading a book together.
* First fall and bump on the head since with us.
* First time to try prunes baby food -- that was before the poop in the tub.
* First time to give me a kiss when I asked for it -- several of them actually!

We have been able to Skype and talk with several friends and family from home today -- what a blessing to hear familiar voices!

Things seem to be going so well so far! We have been very careful about what we eat and drink and have managed to escape the sickness that often befalls travelers to Asia ... so far. Things with Dex have been going so well -- almost too well. He's just such a normal little guy for his age. His foster mother has done an amazing job in the past few months. He's meeting most of the developmental milestones for his age and is such a fun, loving little guy! He eats well, sleeps soundly, plays ferociously, and is very affectionate toward us. He obviously feels safe enough with us already to throw tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants and seeks us out to play and hold him.
Please keep praying for us -- for wellness and for Dex to continue doing so well. Please pray for his foster mom, also. Our guide says she is kind of having a hard time with Dex being gone from her home. We will be able to visit the orphanage later this week and had hoped to meet his foster mom, but our guide said that she will ask again but so far has been told no.


meeksmiles33 said...

I love the updates Mischelle!! I am overjoyed with happiness for your family!! We are praying for you all and can't wait to meet sweet Dex!!

Valerie said...

What a cutie!!! I am blessed just by reading about him. thanks for sharing Mischelle. I am encouraged when I read your determination to open your hearts to others so joyfully.

Matt said...

That hairline cracks me up! Are you sure he isn't Uncle Dale's son?

The Smith's said...

He is Absolutey precious!!! Thank you for sharing and keeping everyone posted on this wonderful experience!!!