Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pandas 'n Pizza

I'm trying a post I originally tried to post on Tuesday .... let's see if it works this time.
Today, we started the day at Giant Panda World here in Fuzhou City. They have seven giant panda bears and about 40 red pandas, which are similar to red raccoons. We were treated to a performance by a red panda, flipping on bars, walking on its hind legs up stairs, and swinging on a swing.
Then, we visited the birthplace of an important historical figure from this province who lived in the 1800's. We went to a tea party, literally, and learned the proper way to prepare Chinese tea. We were able to taste four different types of tea that are grown in the Fuijian province and the proper way to drink the tea. We asked the driver and guide to drop us off in an area of town not too far from our hotel and we had lunch at Pizza Hut. We opted for the very-American supreme pizza, but there were very-Chinese options that I'll not describe for your benefit. However, I was ready for something substantial and familiar. :o) We walked down the street to a mall-type building that had a Trust-Mart in the basement. I'd seen on a sign that they carried Great Value brand, so I suspected it was something like Wal-Mart. It was similar and was fun to wander and see the different things available. We walked back to our hotel, where we all took a little nap. We're now just trying to corral Dex in the hotel room -- he's veeery active --- and waiting to hear from our other kiddos when they get up in a few hours. We were supposed to Skype with them this morning (their evening time), but the internet in the hotel was down. We are very excited to let them "meet" Dex finally.

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