Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye Fuzhou, Hello Guangzhou

We spent our last day in Fuzhou strolling through a beautiful city park near our hotel, blowing bubbles, and posing for photos from curious onlookers. Dex had a great time with the bubbles and crawling in the grass. It was a beautiful day, and I anticipate getting him home and playing outside with him more. I think he's gonna love all the wheeled things, grass, and playset at home! We played in the hotel room, and Dex finished exploring every inch of the place, including under and in all furniture, and finished packing our luggage.
We had a late flight into Guangzhou, which was made even later by a flight delay. Ahh! So, we didn't get to our hotel and in bed until after midnight. We had an appointment to have Dex's Visa photo taken this morning at 8 -- in a couple of days, he'll have his passport Visa stamped to enter the U.S.! Yay! Then, we had his official government medical exam at 9. I'd heard those appointments were chaotic and traumatic for the children. Boy, was that an understatement! There were probably 60-70 adoptive families, plus Chinese locals who were there for medical care, crammed in this clinic, in lines that snaked on forever. Dex was looked over, measured, and checked out. Then, it was time for the dreaded immunization line. The U.S. government requires all adopted children have certain vaccinations prior to entry to the States, which I understand, but some of them are repetitive. Dex ended up having 7 separate shots! He was not a happy little man! He's taking a good nap this afternoon after his late night, early morning, and shots!  I had to go out to make some photo copies and exchange money while he and dad are napping and did a little shopping in some of the shops near to the hotel. There are some cute little places here. I think there will be much more to do in Guangzhou than in Fuzhou, and the weather is beautiful here! It is much more Western-influenced, so it's easier to function here so far! We even had lunch at Subway - similar to at home! Tomorrow evening we're taking a river cruise on the Pearl River, which I think will be a lot of fun. Guangzhou is a beautiful city, with a neat mix of Chinese and European flair.


Sherry Drennan said...

So excited it is going well and can't wait for you guys to get home. Thanks for the updates...keep them coming!

Kathryn said...

Lucky you, to be in Guangzhou! Enjoy!