Thursday, September 30, 2010

He can say "Mama"

That's when my heart melted!
We got an update on Dex and new pictures in the middle of the night last night!
He is precious ... and apparently will sleep about anywhere!His update said he is "a very healthy and happy boy. He uses diaper. He is not picky. He likes salty food. He is not allergic to any food so far. He is doing very well with other kids. He sleeps good in the night. Sometimes he is awake in the midnight for awhile. He is very easy to take care of. He is a little scared of strangers. he can understand what people say to him. He can say Mama!"


Cori said...

How sweet!! He is so cute! Aunt Cori can't wait to get her hands on the little man!

tracy said...

What great pictures!! He is such a cutie!

Kathryn said...

what a sweet, sweet baby. so happy for this blessing in your life!