Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Dex!!

Our little Dex man turned "1" today!

We so wish we could be with him to celebrate! One of those milestones that you don't anticipate missing with any of your children. I've been pretty emotional about it, not just because it's a particular day but mostly because I know we're missing out on so much with him. His first birthday is just a symbolic marker of how time is passing -- time that we can never get back with him.
I am also very touched by what his birth mom must have been feeling in the days leading up to his birthday, also the anniversary of the day she had to leave her child. While I am eagerly anticipating bringing him home, into our family, she is mourning the loss of her child. She obviously had to make an impossible decision, based on cultural standards that I can't even imagine living under. I can't fathom being a mom who has to decide not only to put her child up for adoption but to leave him alone somewhere, with the hope that someone would find him. I can't imagine being a mom who has no idea where her child is, if he's even alive, or if he's well cared for. I pray peace for her and wish she could know that he is well and will be part of a family who will love him very much and who will always honor the role she played in his life.

We did order a cake and a disposable camera to be delivered on his birthday. We are hoping the camera will be returned to us when we meet him, so he'll have pictures of his first birthday and know that we were thinking of him. We also had a little celebration at home for him.
Happy Birthday, D-Man!

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Sherry Drennan said...

So precious and thoughtful. He is one blessed lil guy. You've got me all teary this morning. I can't wait to see him! God is good!