Monday, June 28, 2010

Love in a Box

Today, we mailed a care package to Dex -- a little bit of love in a box.
A friend of mine was so sweet to make Dex a super-soft blankie, which I've been sleeping with for several weeks so he'll know what his momma smells like. We also sent a photo book with pictures of his family with Chinese labels so his caregivers can tell him who we are (like the one in the picture with Camryn). We sent a disposable camera, in hopes of getting some pictures of him in the orphanage, with his caregivers and friends, to share with him when he's older. We sent him an outfit, a stuffed animal, and some puff snacks. We were also able to send a letter to be translated for his orphanage director, in hopes of getting some questions answered that might help with his transition into our family.
Finally, we sent his caregivers some M&M's -- we've been told that they especially love American candies. So, I threw in an extra box at the last minute, in hopes they might pass along some of that sweetness and give him an extra squeeze. :o)


Wendy Buzbee said...

I love this Mischelle! You guys are the absolute sweetest family and I can't wait to meet Dex and see how wonderfully he will fit in! :-)

Matt said...

If you send another package, let us know so that we can add something.

Jasmin said...

Mischelle, I am in tears b/c this is so sweet. Your family is so special! I know you will be so glad to have Dex home with his new family.