Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deep Thoughts for Today

* I had forgotten how much more often you have to scrub the kids' bathtub in the summer.

* If even the (very real) threat of a snake getting into the house won't make the kids remember to close the door behind themselves, then nothing ever will. I can just give that up.

* You cannot trust a man with landscaping and a large pair of clippers. He will shock you every time.

* God's timing is perfect -- I was not born before the invention of air conditioning.

* Having ceramic tile the color of dirt, instead of white, would make my life so much easier.

* Nothing is more adorable or frustrating than a two-year-old.

* A little boy and a dump truck together is a fun thing to watch.

* There is a little boy on the other side of the world who is soundly sleeping right now who I can't wait to gaze upon as he sleeps under our roof.

* Are there really holes in the foundation or walls that would permit that ginormous snake I saw in the garage yesterday to enter my house?!


Sharon said...

Awesome thoughts and I have no idea if thst snake can get in your house but gosh I hope not!!!!

Sherry Drennan said...

Agreed! Oh yeah...I ran over a baby snake trying to get in my garage. We've lived her 3 years and I've never seen a snake until now. That was the 2nd one!

Valerie said...

love your thoughts! ;)
Snakes freak me out, and I love boys with trucks and dirt. The fact that it keeps them occupied for a bit doesn't hurt either