Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Like Being a Kid Again

Only my nerd friends will be able to identify with this ... do you remember how excited you were to get your first library card? It was more exciting than my first credit card! Do you remember sitting on the cool concrete floors of the library on hot summer days, lost in a Nancy Drew mystery? I love to just fan the pages of old, stale books -- just for that smell I loved as a kid!
Today, Abi had her first major rite of passage ... her first library card!


Sharon said...

Your words in this post made me laugh. I can NOT identify. I don't even know if I had a library card, much less remember sitting and reading! ha! But, that doesn't surprise you I'm sure!

So happy for Abi! She was telling us about it in the car today!

Mischelle Coston said...

There's no inner-nerd hiding in you?! :o)

meeksmiles33 said...

I remember Lauren getting her library card. It is a huge deal! She was so excited! Lauren can definitely identify with this post!

Kayla said...

I've always had very fond memories of the library. It was one of my favorite classes while I was in elementary! I liked Nancy Drew and Goosebumps, always intense :) I can definitely identify with you on that though!



Erin said...

Library cards were a BIG DEAL at our house too!! And yes, I spent MANY a day in the bean bag chairs at our local library deep in a book!!! I still love the library.