Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Year Come & Gone

This year has seemed to fly by! Amazing the difference a year makes. Abi is a fluent reader. Cam has enough hair for pigtails. Brandon is so much taller and has overcome most of his speech issues. Cami is speaking in complex sentences. Abi is so independent and able to care for herself so well. Brandon has taken on the role of big-brother-in-charge so eagerly in Abi's absence. Cam is enjoying a lot of imaginative play. Brandon has become so much more "boy"! Cami has lost much of the baby chub on her legs and belly. Brandon has become much more coordinated and athletic. Abi has become more confident in groups of her peers.
Abi's 1st day of kindergarten
Abi's last day of kindergartenCamryn and Brandon's 1st day of mother's day outCamryn and Brandon's last day of mother's day out

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Cori said...

CRAZY how fast the school year goes by! As a teacher, I am SOOOO glad it does go by this fast :o)