Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almost 32

Not my age anymore, unfortunately, but our status toward our goal for Dex's orphanage!

We want to be able to raise $5,000 to deliver to Dex's orphanage when we're in China to bring him home. I know how far they are able to stretch the money in caring for the kiddos there, and I am so glad we'll be able to play a part in making their lives better while they wait for their forever families.
So, thank you to all of our friends, family, and church family who have contributed to his orphanage fund already!!
If you haven't contributed but would like to, you can use the secure Chip In button on the blog or send your donation to our home address. I can't wait to be able to share how your generosity has made a difference in the lives of these precious children! Any amount, added with the dollars of others, will make a difference for the children -- and the workers, called ayis. I can't imagine trying to care for kids every day without having enough of what they need, without having enough help because of fund shortages, without having the funds available for medical procedures the children need to thrive or even survive. Talk about going to work at a tough job!

I've done some background research on the orphanage he's lived in since he was a day old. It's the Fuzhou City Social Welfare Institute, located in Fuzhou City, the capital city of the Fujian Province in southeast China. The orphanage is in the GuLou district of Fuzhou, very near to the shores of the East China Sea. It is a humid, tropical-feeling location with long, hot summers and short, mild, dry winters.
The orphanage is home to about 300 orphans at a time, most of whom have some kind of identified special need, physical or cognitive. Below are some pictures of the "social welfare institute" that I found online.We can't wait to be there in person, seeing our little man's first world, his life before us.

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