Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1.5 gallons

That is how much pee is now filling Camryn's carseat! Ahhh!

She was chatty Cam in the car until about 1/4 mile before we got home, and she got really quiet. I asked her if her panties were dry, and she just smiled that Camryn smile. So, I thought, I'll get her out really quickly and put her on the potty we now carry around in our car and let her finish ..... no need. She had peed out everything she's drank for the past four days! Yuck! Filled the carseat, run through the cracks onto the seat protector, run over the sides of the seat protector and onto my seat! I just had that kid on the pot 15 minutes earlier.

I hate!! taking a carseat apart and putting it back together. I have seriously considered tying her wet little butt to the top of the car and driving to Wal-mart to just buy a new seat. I'm not sure this one is salvageable!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I just got a visual of a naked Cam on top of your car. lol!