Thursday, July 8, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Brandon was so excited yesterday when he saw the bulldozer working at the clinic site, so I thought we'd go check out the progress early this morning and let Brandon watch the bulldozer in action for awhile. A lot has happened since lunchtime yesterday!Brandon had the best time watching the bulldozer, backhoe and dump truck this morning and has already asked if we can go back after naptime and watch some more. When the dump truck had to leave and dump its load, Brandon said, "Momma! I could help them with my dump truck and scoop!"I think he would have watched from his little perch all day!


Erin said...

How exciting!!!! Plus great entertainment thrown in for "free" :)

Wendy Buzbee said...

Love this! Brandon is too cute!!

Julie said...

Yea! That is very exciting! I'm happy for you guys. :)