Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sweet & Bittersweet of Today

* Finding "mail" from Daddy in our family mailbox this morning
* Camryn graduating out of the bathtub seat because she just wants to stand up anyway
* watching Camryn walk the full length of the couch, holding onto the couch cushions
* Abi making a note for me with a heart and "I Love You" written on it
* waking up in the middle of the night and thinking I heard Darbin whining to get out for his nightly poo
* Camryn having a fit to take her beloved toothbrush to bed with her tonight
* snuggling with Abi and Brandon while we watched a movie tonight
* taking a short nap with Abi this afternoon, feeling her warm breath on my face as I dozed off
* hearing Brandon laugh when I tickled him
* Abi saying, "Mom, you better put that trash can up or Darbin will get in it!" and then watching her little face melt with sadness when she realized what she'd said
* hearing those little whispers from God today that spoke directly to my heart; even though I might not have necessarily like some of the messages He spoke, I'm always glad to hear God's voice
* watching Brandon and Abi play with B's new pirate ship and listening to the creative dialogue
* decorating Brandon's boot cake to take to his birthday party at Mother's Day Out tomorrow


Shannon said...

I am so sorry about Darbin! Even I can't imagine him not being there. Loved the moments of your day - you made me really tear up (which actually doesn't take too much to do these days.:)

Happy Birthday Brandon! What a super cute cake!!very impressed!

Pitchoune said...

You almost made me tear up too! beautiful post and great cake, you might consider opening a cake decorating shop on the know if you ever get bored ;-)
Happy birthday, Brandon!

Julie said...

Love your post. You pulled at the heart strings. :)