Saturday, January 24, 2009

All Alone?

We had a baby shower for a friend this morning, and because Nick was working, my kiddos were here during the shower. After everyone left, Abi said, "I had fun at the baby party, but I wish my friends were here." I explained to her that most of their daddies didn't work on Saturdays, so they got to stay home and play with their daddies for a little while. She said, "Except Lindsey, because she's at her grandma's house! So, her daddy was at home all alone. That's sad. I bet he was sad to be at home all alone."
Is that so, Mr. Ryan? :o)
Ah, how perspective on a situation makes all the difference!


Sharon said...

HILARIOUS!!! I'll have to ask him if he was sad (he's on the phone)!

Pitchoune said...

This is so funny! i don't know Mr. Ryan but I know a Mr. Mark would have been sad too, eh ;-)