Monday, January 19, 2009

Grease My Door, O God!

I had just finished reading a fellow blogger's entry that referred to a friend telling her to pray about the little things in life.
Then, I heard Camryn starting to stir from her nap. I thought that I'd run out to the car and get something quickly and then come back in and get Camryn from her bed. So, out to the car I go, but when I turn the knob to come back in the door, it is locked!
Now, with my baby in her crib crying and my husband (and his extra house key) in Florida -- and my cell phone lost so I can't call anyone -- I find myself locked out of the house. Since Nick's been out of town, I've been careful to keep the doors locked at night, and the windows stay locked. Enter -- sinking feeling in my stomach. I know nothing else is unlocked. I can hear Camryn crying from her room, which only intensifies my near panic!
The words I'd just read on my friend's blog came rushing back to me -- pray to God in all things, big and small. I thought, "That door is just locked. Period." So, I put off putting a brick through a window for just a second, asking God to give me some other creative solution that wouldn't cost $200 to fix. Nothing. So, to vent my frustration, I thought I'd give that locked door another good shake -- those of you who know me well know that I love a good door slam when I'm mad.
The stinkin' thing OPENED! Praise God!

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