Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sleepless in St. Ed's

Okay, so the "sleeping peacefully" didn't last too long after I posted it last night. However, she did discover sleeping on mommy's chest last night (the "gut bed" as my aunt calls it) -- and managed to sleep off and on fairly well, considering all of the middle-of-the-night visits you get here.
I think I'll be complaining to the management, however, because one shouldn't leave a resort that costs this much per night with swollen eyelids and raccoon circles under your eyes. :o) She really does look pitiful! She is so accustomed to being put down in her bed and just going to sleep, without mom in the room, trying to hide from view. So, I finally laid her down in the crib and stood in the hallway, listening to her cry for what seemed like forever, and she's sleeping deeply now.
Her lab work looked better this morning, and the doctor said he'd like to give her some Pedialyte today and start to wean her off the IV throughout the day. She'll be able to nurse again late this afternoon! If she tolerates the breastmilk well through the night, we might get to go home tomorrow.
Thank you all for the prayers. She'll be feeling spunky by Christmas, I'm sure, ready to rip some paper off packages. She practiced that this morning with one of my magazines (at least it was with pages I've already read). :o)


Julie said...

I'm praying for her! I hope you guys get to come home!

Cori said...

I had no idea... I am so glad that she is feeling better... Give her a big hug and kiss from me!