Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections & Resolutions

We're less than two hours from a new year. Brief pause while I screw my head back on straight after the time that just flew by so quickly! I can say with certainty that 2008 was not a boring year in our home. I guess I can't say that any year in the last 5 has been especially boring -- each one has come with a new child, a new home in a new town, a new job, or some combination of the above. :o) We only experienced only one of those this year, so maybe it was more boring than I initially thought. Ha! As I reflect on 2008, feelings of excitement, disappointment, joy, and thankfulness fill my heart!

While I'm not too big on the "resolution" bit, I suppose a new calendar year is a decent fresh starting point to refocus on the priorities of my life.

Of course, I want to continue to sharpen my focus on both my faith and my family.
I want to be more devoted to the time I spend with God every day. I know this impacts every area of my life and is honoring to God.

I also want to refocus on my role as a mother. I want to continue to be a molder, not just a referee, remembering to look toward the end result we desire and not get lost in the minute details of our days. I want to be that interactive, engaged mother who occupies that vision in my head. :o) Throughout the holidays, I've allowed myself to be more distracted and often have found myself feeling like I've wasted a day on things that didn't really matter and not taken the opportunity to really fully enjoy my kids.

As a wife, I want to better provide the support and encouragement that my husband needs to take with him as he faces his daily challenges out in the world (he assures me there is a world out there!) :o) I want to learn how to more effectively show him how much I respect him as a man and that he is my hero. I want to make sure we carve out some time as a husband and wife and not just as parents to this precious brood.

I "resolve" to live my life as a better example to my family. I know that my family learns from watching my actions. I know I need to model healthy lifestyle choices, better anger/frustration management, and consistency. We need to eat out less and eat in more, move more and sit less, breathe deeply more and yell less, smile more and roll our eyes less, read more and watch TV less ... you get the idea!

No "resolution" list would be complete without a goal for losing weight, right? I am back to my pre-baby weight, so why in the world do things feel and look so different?!?! I do want to reduce my body fat percentage and continue to strengthen and tone, and increase my cardio endurance. I am tired of hearing that I look fine for "having had 3 kids." I want to just "look fine." Ha! Seriously, it's not about the vanity issue, but the health issue. I want to be strong and healthy and and know that I'm taking good care of the body God gave me. I feel the best when I'm being consistent in all areas of my health -- exercise daily, eat well, brush/floss regularly, sleep well, drink plenty of water, etc.

Happy New Year!


Julie said...

Happy New Year!

Tonia Hobbs said...

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other morning. You are just such a pleasant person. I love that. Happy New Year to you! Glad we are friends.