Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reflections of My Life

Sometimes I'm so wrapped up in the details of life and trying to keep everything under control, especially in public places, I miss the humor -- hysterics -- in our family life.
I get caught off guard sometimes by the looks on people's faces while watching our family in action -- I know I get a kick out of things, as an outsider looking in. Sometimes it's the looks on their faces that alert me that something is going on with one of my children that I'm not aware of, too! Like Brandon standing behind me in Wal-Mart, eating boogers as fast as he can, knowing I'm going to make him stop when I catch him! Or Camryn climbing over the back of the childseat part of the cart while I'm putting groceries on the conveyer belt at the store.

I see the reflection of my life in the eyes and faces of strangers.

Take today for example -- following is an excerpt of an email to a friend that illustrates well:
Well, we made it 1/2 through GW when B decided to bash Abi's head in w/ his juice cup. So, no party store for naughty B today! Aah! So, we went to meet Nick for lunch in South FS instead, and I thought since I had a few extra minutes I'd run into the Fianna Hills consignment shop. Well, Abi turned a large display table over on herself -- thought she had a broken leg seriously! Recovered from that, slunk out of the store in shame. Went to restaurant w/ Nick. Brandon announces at the top of his lungs that he "feels pee pee in mine weinee" and "I'm pushing it down but it won't stay down!" Seriously! So, again, we slink away, heads hung down. :o)

Seeing the looks on people's faces as these types of things go down are what remind me of just how funny the kids are! And being in public is what sometimes keeps me from beating them to death! Know what I mean?! :o)

Life is good!


Sharon said...

:) Gotta love it!! Makes me laugh...again! :)

Pitchoune said...

yeap, too funny!!!

katie said...

Oh my gosh!! I soo feel your pain. I am unaware of how "funny" we are until again, people look at you or you realize that you really do want to beat your kids but you might get turned in..like letting your child cry forever in front of strangers? (sound familiar) I am so just kidding with you.