Friday, December 12, 2008

History Repeats Itself

The big kids and I were making these design-and-fuse patterns with colored beads this morning when Brandon said in a rather high-pitched whine/shriek, "My nose hurts!" I told him to quit picking it, since I'd seen him picking his nose almost non-stop this morning. He said, "No, it really hurts!" So, I told him I'd look at it -- and was then planning to prescribe some lotion for a picked-raw nostril. When I tilted his head back, much to my surprise, I saw a blue bead occupying his nostril! All I could do was laugh hysterically!
When I was in kindergarten, I did the same thing! Only my bead was round and red. My mom said it just proves that Brandon is smarter than me -- he managed to do the same bizarre thing but did it two years earlier than I did! :o)
We tried the tweezers to remove said bead, but he jerked every time I tried to grab it. It was very quickly disappearing into the blackness of his nose hole. In kindergarten, I chased my bead way up into my nose and remember that it was a very traumatic removal. So, plan B: I held Brandon's empty nostril closed and had him blow out really hard. Sure enough, the bead shot across the room!
Ahh, motherhood! What a comical journey!


Sherry said...

Oh, how funny! Now, you seem to have remained so calm over this event...I hate that I missed it! I'm thinking I might have freaked a little on this one but I guess you were more comfortable having experienced it yourself?? :0)

Matt said...

History does repeat itself... Let's see what he can do with a helicopter in Abi's hair!

And thanks for the picture... It completes the story!

Cori said...

Oh my gosh!! That just made my day!!!

Pitchoune said...

Too funny, I don't think I would have thought of closing my kids' nostril! I would have probably panicked :-)