Thursday, December 4, 2008

God Wears Diapers

We have a nativity set that Abi was playing with today and left in the middle of the dinner table. Tonight, during dinner, Abi asked if the wise men brought baby Jesus money when he was born, and I said that they brought him presents but that the presents were not money.
Brandon said in his most authoratative voice, "They brought him diapers and potties!" Of course, my child would pick the most practical gift to give the newborn Savior of the world (I hear you, Sharon!) :o)
The thought of God wearing diapers as an infant made me chuckle at first, but then it reminded me that Jesus did live as a fully human, even pooping His diaper -- He really can understand our daily struggles.

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Sharon said...

HA HA HA!!! I was thinking it even in the 1/2 a second before I could even get to my shout out! At least you know you are teaching him practicality, right!!

I love it!