Monday, November 30, 2009

Why can't life be like my satellite?

I love my Dish/DVR. I wish my life could be lived like my satellite system!

This afternoon, I decided that there was no time like the present to start working on the Christmas tree. Anyone who knows me very well knows that one of my most pronounced flaws is a profound inability to tolerate anything that involves wires, cords, straps . . . things like hooking up computer equipment, installing car seats, and, probably number one on my list, stringing Christmas lights on a tree make me insane and instantly enraged!

So, to attempt to bring the Christmas decorations and tree out of the attic and put lights on the tree with three young children, dinner in the works, and a horrible migraine headache was purely stupid. However, I turned on the Christmas music, opened a window nearby to make it more frosty in our home, and started assembling that tree.
At first, I was feeling rather Scrooge-ish. Then, white Camryn was poo'ing her pants behind the tree, Abi was very proficiently unwinding lights from the reel, helping me light the tree. Brandon was singing Christmas carols along with the radio and playing with their new nativity set.
I realized that I need a pause button to capture these precious moments and a replay button to see, over and over, Abi's precious silhouette in multi-colored Christmas lights, hear Brandon's little voice belting out Christmas tunes, to have little people who need diaper changes behind the tree. I remember putting lights on the tree with a big belly, trying to squeeze between the tree and the wall, just 2 Christmases ago, and now Camryn is toddling around the living room, fighting over playing with Baby Jesus this year. I remember Abi's first Christmas, spent in adorable flannel one-piece pajamas, with a little white bow at the neckline. Now, she's my big girl, who gave me a kiss tonight and then said, "Just one more kiss, Momma, cause I love your kisses so much!"

Oh, to have a DVR life!


Cori said...

Definitely shouldn't have read this while nursing at 3:15 a.m. I am sitting here bawling while my 4 week old is eating away without a care in the world. I know time flies, and I don't like it. I want to pause our life, too.

Julie said...

so sweet! :)

Lee Ann said...

Amen, so well said!!!!! Thank you for the reflection on those special times. I know when I'm holding little Aubrey I pray that God will burn that moment in my memory.