Monday, November 9, 2009

Time Dyslexia

I spent the bulk of the morning with the small peeps in the tire shop -- again. It's on my to-do list for tomorrow to have the oil changed in the grocery-getter. Everything in life requires so much maintenance. I feel like all I've accomplished today is one task, on one vehicle. While I did workout this morning, a little maintenance on the ole' body, and a short quiet time, a much-needed refreshing for the Spirit, I've done virtually nothing to maintain the house that needs scrubbing, the trim that needs painting, the eyebrows that are screaming for a waxing, the yard that's knee-deep in wild onions, the kids' check-ups, socks that need darning (is that still a word?), grocery-getting, any of the 80 nails that I'm responsible for clipping -- 96 if you count the dog's, relationships with friends and family . . . everything requires so much maintenance. Let alone the time required for growth in any way.

42 -- not 24. That's how many hours it would take to live your life "right." Nick read an article not too long ago that said if we follow every recommendation for our lives, from getting 8 hours of sleep to brushing and flossing for 2-3 minutes twice/day, it would take 42 hours to get it all done.
So I'm not crazy! There isn't enough time for all the things I need to do!

Now I'm discouraged. I'll never accomplish it all, so maybe I should just sit on the couch, watch a little "Baby Story," and drown my overwhelmed spirit.

Then God speaks: Prioritize and Pray.
I know that I am torn in a gazillion different directions every day, and there is no way I'll accomplish everything. However, God will provide me the time I need to complete the tasks He has for me. Using a lack of time as an excuse to not fulfill God-glorifying tasks in our lives is a lie. God only gave Jesus 33 years, only 3 of which were years of full-time ministry, to save the world!
So, do I really not have the time to cook nutritious meals for my family to sit down together and eat each evening? Do I really not have time for Bible study every day? Do I really not have the time to stop what I'm doing and effectively rebuke and train my children, as opposed to yelling at them across the house? Do I really not have time to take care of the temple of God by exercising every day? Do I really not have the time to listen to my husband and love, encourage, and serve him daily?
I do not have time to seek after all of the selfish desires of my heart, to run after every entertaining, yet empty, opportunity for my children, or follow the many misleadings of the world.
However, by God's grace, I do have the time to do the things He calls me to do. I will not believe the lie of the world that I don't have enough time. Prioritize and Pray.


Lee Ann said...

Wow! Preach it sister! You certainly spoke to me - thanks I needed that.

Sharon said...

You are awesome!! Great post and wonderful perspective!

Sherry said...

Yes, great post! I was just sitting here at 10:17 p.m. feeling very guilty. Darin went out of town and I worked all day, needed to do laundry and some other tasks around the house. Feel like I totally missed an opportunity to be w/ my kids tonight yet felt so stressed to do all these other things...42 hours!

Valerie said...

So true Mischelle. And not lonly did Jesus have only so many hours, days and years, did you notice He only did that which was required of Him by the Father? The people wanted Him to over throw the government, people wanted Him to heal MORE people, They wanted Him to talk about everything THEY wanted Him to talk about, but He would not be swayed. He "went about the business of His Father". That and that alone did he set out to do. Did He disappoint some people? you betcha. Are we glad He did what he came to do not what others wanted him to do???? YOU BETCHA!

Valerie said...

"only not "lonly". If only there was enough time in the day to spell check everything I wrote! lol

Fryar Family said...

You have learned so many important things so much earlier than I did.