Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holly, Jolly Christmastime

The kids loved putting ornaments on the tree this year. Abi especially liked knowing which ornaments belonged to whom and when we got them. So far, Cam has not discovered the art of ornament moving or package-destruction yet

One of our other favorite Christmas traditions is "Christmas Camping." The night we finish decorating the tree, the kids get to "camp" around the tree. This is the second year that Abi has actually fallen asleep under the tree. Brandon likes the idea of it, but just can't fall asleep there.Nick went a little Griswold this year and put up our Christmas lights -- as much as I hate doing lights, I sure love the way they look! Thanks, Honey! We love it! Especially the playhouse!


Cori said...

I sure enjoyed getting to watch them put the ornaments on. The house is beautiful, and I think I am going to steal the Christmas camping idea! I love it!

Lee Ann said...

Oh, your tree and house look lovely!! I love your camp out tradition!!

Sherry said...

How fun and most impressive on the lights. We will have to add you to our "drive by" list!