Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Bits of Not-Much

I've so enjoyed the past week and a half, having all three of my babies at home to play with. I forget just how much I miss Abi when she's in school!
Other than celebrating Christmas with family in Hot Springs, we've done a whole lot of not-much, which has been refreshingly wonderful ...

A little bit of Santa-impersonationA little bit of present-openingA little bit of sicknessA little bit of scootering
A little bit of free-playA little bit of snow-play
(after missing out on the White Christmas in Greenwood)A little bit of pee-peeingA little bit of marshmallow tossing


Valerie said...

howwwww sweet! love the pictures. The potty one threw me for a loop but it was precious. :)

Matt said...

Loved spending Christmas with you, Nick, and the kids! Can't wait to see you again this weekend for Abi's cheering and Brandon's birthday party!