Monday, August 24, 2009


That is the sound Abi made as she looked over her shoulder boarding the bus this morning. It's the exact same sound she makes right before she goes down a waterslide, attempts to climb across monkey bars, or swings high on our tire swing -- "I think I want to do this, but I'm a little scared!"

I used to have nightmares as a kid that I was trying to get my shoes on in my room to go catch the bus and would end up missing it, only to awaken in the dark of night. Knowing she is so much like me -- always asking when we're on our way somewhere, "Mom, are we going to be late?" -- I didn't want her to be anxious about rushing to the bus. So, we went to the end of the driveway with plenty of time. She was pretty jittery while she waited, dragging her toes in the rocks and constantly reminding Brandon that he shouldn't step past the black rocks. When she saw the bus coming around the curve, she was so excited!
Brother walking toward Abi's next adventure with her -- I hope they always share life's adventures with one another!This is right before the "Skeek" comes out!My baby is on that bus!


meeksmiles33 said...

The bus driving away is a cool picture!! You should be so proud of her!! What a brave girl!

Valerie said...

oh how very hard. She is not even mine and I can feel the anxiety!! So sweet. These years as a stay at home mom are so blessed, and yet they go by so quickly.

Fryar Family said...

" I CAN Catch That Bus! ! ! "

Matt said...

You're slacking on the blog... Get it in gear!